Friday, May 04, 2007

Birds on the Nest

I recently found a Sharp-shinned Hawk nest at park near where I work. I was able to get a few shots of the hawk standing on the nest but the lighting wasn't that great and the nest is pretty hard to get a good look at. Anyway, I'll be going back there periodically to take more shots. I also took a shot of a Canada Goose on the nest at Carlos Avery last week. Getting photos of birds on the nest has really become an interest of mine. I think mainly because it's difficult to get a good shot while still being respectful of the bird on the nest (which is very important to me). Here are the shots of the birds:

Sharp-shinned Hawk:
Sharp-shinned Hawk on Nest

Canada Goose:
Canada Goose on Nest

By the way, here's link to a great shot of Red-winged Blackbird on the Nest over at Ivar's Birds.