Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hunting Success!

Well here's another post on the Barred Owls in our yard. Tonight we witnessed two of the immature owls fighting over a kill. They were right out in front of the house on the ground yelling at each other. I grabbed my camera and ran out onto the deck only to discover that I didn't have the CF card in my camera! So I ran back into the house, grabbed the card and dashed back outside only to find that the owls had moved off to the side of the house and into the woods. I moved that way slowly and into the woods. They were so distracted with each other that I didn't even warrant a look until I got in closer. As soon as he turned to look at me I stopped and took the following shots. The shots show what looks to be a rabbit.

This shows the owl with its wings covering what appears to be a rabbit:
Barred Owl (1 of 4)

Here the owl was moving up the limb of the tree and you can clearly see the rabbit:
Barred Owl (2 of 4)

Another photo of the owl and its prey:
Barred Owl (3 of 4)

I snapped this photo of the owl flying away, not the greatest shot but I thought it was worth posting:
Barred Owl (4 of 4)

All of the shots were taken at a high ISO in the woods so they are a bit noisy and not terribly in focus, but it sure was fun to witness this exchange.