Friday, May 02, 2008

Carlos Avery - Eagles Nest?

For those of you that have driven through Carlos Avery, you've likely seen the large eagles nest (marked by a sign on the road). The other day, as I drove through I noticed a bird on the nest and thought, "Cool, it looks like there might be an eagle on the nest!". Note that this nest is pretty distant from the road, in fact, here's a shot of the bird on the nest at full zoom on my camera:

Canada Goose

However, upon closer inspection, it's not an eagle on the nest (photo cropped for effect):
Canada Goose (cropped)
(Click on the photo for larger version - it's easier to ID the bird)

I had seen this bird on the nest a few days earlier, so it appears that the goose may actually be using this nest for the season. I'd be curious to hear from others, if they have observed the same bird on the nest.