Saturday, January 19, 2008

Still cold . . . what the frigate is up with that . . .

Yeah it's still cold, in fact, it's now -6 degrees (F) with a windchill of about -20 and it's supposed to drop even farther. So, as stated in my earlier post, I'm now sitting by the fire and staying warm. How about a few more Hawaiin birds!

Back in November I had posted about the Audobon Watch List. Here are 2 birds from that watchlist:

Magnificent Frigatebird:
"The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service considers this unique seabird a "species of conservation concern," while Partners in Flight label it a "species of high concern," due to its decreasing population and threats to its breeding habitat. "

Magnificent Frigatebird

Nene (Hawaiian Goose):
"After a close call with extinction, it remains as Hawaii's state bird. It is one of the most isolated, sedentary, and threatened of all water birds. Hunting, poaching and egg collecting took a heavy toll through the early 1900's. Despite tenacious re-introduction efforts beginning in the 1960's, the population still has not recuperated to a self sustaining condition. "

Nene (Hawaiian Goose)