Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Building Continues

Each morning, the hawks continue to work on building their nest. The nest size has grown, both out and up. I've seen them carry in some pretty large sticks to work with, many times dropping them to the ground just as they come in to land. So they just turn around and fly out to get more. Perseverance is definitely something we can learn from these birds.
Red Shouldered Hawk Factoid:
"The Red-shouldered Hawk is divided into five subspecies. The four eastern forms contact each other, but the West Coast form is separated from the eastern forms by 1600 km (1000 mi). The northern form is the largest. The form in very southern Florida is the palest, having a gray head and very faint barring on the chest."

Today's shot of the bird on the nest. I tried more shots of them in flight, but it's overcast today so those shots turned out a bit blurry.
Red Shouldered Hawk.jpg