Sunday, March 25, 2007

Red Shoulder Hawk Habitat

I have received a number of phone calls and emails about the RSH's in my yard and it has been great to talk with so many people from the MOU. One question I was asked was about the type of woods that these hawks are in. So I thought I would post a few shots of my yard and the woods that surround it. The woods consist mainly of mature oak and maple trees. There is a bit of marshland in area, but it typically does not contain much standing water, although enough to produce a good amount of mosquito's.

The woods (in the fog):
fog forrest

Here is a wide angle shot of the nest and tree. You can see the nest about a 1/4 way down the crook of tree in the center of the shot. The nest is quite a bit bigger now since they continue to work on it every day. To give a bit of perspective, I estimate the nest is around 50' up from the ground.
RSHawk Nest Tree