Monday, April 28, 2008

Carlos Avery WMA

After seeing the Red-headed Woodpecker yesterday I got the itch to get out so I took a drive up to Carlos Avery. There were a tremendous amount of birds in terms of volume. Yellow-rumped Warblers were tremendously abundant (Pics of this to follow in a day or two). I saw flocks of 10-20 at a time multiple times. There were probably hundreds of Ring-necked Ducks, lots of Blue-winged Teal, and a ton of American Coot. I was also able to see a few pairs of Northern Pintail which was definitely the highlight of the trip. My Mother and Father had not seen these before so they went up to Carlos Avery today and were able to locate them again.

I recommend clicking the photos to see the larger versions on my flickr account. It's a bit easier to see the beautiful details of this birds plumage.

Northern Pintail:
Northern Pintail (2 of 2)

Northern Pintail (Hen):
Northern Pintail (1 of 2)

Here's the location of the general area we saw the Pintail in case anyone is interested: Carlos Avery Pintail Siting