Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Learning about birds . . . Red-shouldered Hawk

Well, the signs of spring are starting to show and I hope that this year, like the last 2 years, we'll have a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks nesting in our yard again. Last year that started their nest in our yard and due to a large storm that damaged it, they moved over a few yards. Hopefully they'll choose our yard again and we'll get to see the young mature in the nest.

- Although the American Crow often mobs the Red-shouldered Hawk, sometimes the relationship is not so one-sided. They may chase each other and try to steal food from each other. They may also both attack a Great Horned Owl and join forces to chase the owl out of the hawk's territory. - We saw this happen last year!
- By the time they are five days old, nestling Red-shouldered Hawks can shoot their feces over the edge of their nest. Bird poop on the ground is a sign of an active nest. - We definitely saw this the first year!
- The Great Horned Owl often takes nestling Red-shouldered Hawks, but the hawk occasionally turns the tables. While a Red-shouldered Hawk was observed chasing a Great Horned Owl, its mate took a young owl out of its nest and ate it. - We've had both of these in our yard but I had no idea how contentious their relationship could be . . .

Red-shouldered Hawks (From last years first nest attempt):
Red Shouldered Hawks on Nest

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