Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lochness Park

I took a walk through Lochness Park today (I drive by almost every day). I just wanted to get out and enjoy the warm weather and scout this park for future visits. It's a nice park with paved trails, although humanity is encroaching on it from all sides. I believe though that I'll likely stop here on a more regular basis this spring and summer mainly because of the convenience factor and I do believe that their is potential for some nice bird life here. Time will tell how that works out. As expected, I didn't see much of anything until I got back in my car, the camera was put away and I was driving out of the park. I had a Northern Shrike fly right in front of my truck and land long enough for me to get off a few shots. It's really a beautiful bird that I have seen many of this winter . . . more than I ever have. I think this is a good bird for the next installment of Learning about birds . . . stay tuned for that.

Northern Shrike:

Northern Shrike