Monday, March 31, 2008

Wildlife Science Center and Carlos Avery

On Saturday I took my niece to the Wildlife Science Center which was a very fun day. We were able to see the wolves, bear, coyotes, and even this Great-horned Owl. This owl was injured (right wing) long ago and has been a resident of the WSC for many years and used mainly for educational purposes now. If you haven't visited the WSC I would recommend it, they have tours on Saturdays at 11 and 1 (lots of information on the above website).

Carlos Avery Update: I stopped by Carlos Avery on Sunday and the gates are closed to vehicles. Due to the warm weather the roads can become quite difficult and they usually shut the gates around this time each year. I'll check again in a week or two, but if anyone heads up there before then and sees that the roads are open, I'd appreciate a note, and of course I'll do the same here.

Great-horned Owl:
Great-horned Owl